Savings Accounts

Life is full of surprises!  That’s why First Security Bank of Helena offers customers a range of savings products.  Whether you want to create an emergency fund, establish a fund for holiday celebrations, or save for college or retirement, we have something just right for you.

Christmas Club Savings

This account is structured in a way to help resist the temptation to use these savings for anything else. Why not open a Christmas Club Savings account and watch it produce the holiday memories you have been dreaming of?

  • No minimum balance and a $5,000 maximum
  • Premium interest
  • Free Remote Deposit
  • Full distribution each November
  • Early withdrawal results in account closure
Types of Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Accounts

If you want to cultivate good savings habits for your little one or set up a safety net for yourself, this basic savings account serves a wide range of needs.  With a $25 minimum balance or a $5 monthly fee, this account pays interest, and you can make deposits in person or through our handy mobile app.

  • $25 minimum balance or $5 monthly fee
  • Interest bearing
  • Free Remote Deposit
  • Limited to six not-in-person withdrawals per month

Certificate of Deposit

Offering a variety of terms and interest rates for your individual needs, a CD is a great investment tool.

  • Higher rate of return  
  • We offer 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 month terms for as little as $1,000 minimum

The First Savers CD is an account for customers 17 years old and under.  Allowing contributions throughout the one year term and paying a higher interest rate, this is a flexible account for young savers.

Money Markets

To give you a “step up” on your savings, First Security Bank of Helena offers a tiered Money Market account.  The higher the level of savings, the higher the level of interest paid.  This hybrid savings account allows additional convenience by allowing a limited number of checks to be drawn from this account monthly.  

  • $2,500 minimum balance or $10 monthly fee
  • Tiered interest
  • Free Remote Deposit